Your Happiness is a Choice

Do you ever come across individuals that seem to be generally pissed off about life? I do. Sometimes, I am simply in awe. It’s too hot; It’s too cold; It’s raining It’s snowing; I have a cold; I worked out too hard; I have too much junk in my basement.

The Goldilocks effect will never be found with these individuals. Why?

Why is it that some of us soar when we arise in the morning while others sit in their own personal hell day after day?

I may get a lot of scrutiny for saying so, but I believe Happiness Is a CHOICE.

I was a fat kid. In the 6th grade, I weighed almost 200 pounds. Summers were horrible. Playing a sport wasn’t really an option (although I was forced to play softball for a season and let me tell you, I couldn’t run to save my life…it was a joke!). I explicitly recall a boy named Chucky laughing at me as I played hopscotch in gym circa 1st grade. I remember him saying “Don’t let your fat drop out when you jump.” VERY funny, Chucky.

I lost my mother to ALS when she was 48 years old. She never met my children, I never got to reconcile my “not good enough” complex with her. My mother taught me so much in the 5 years preceding her death and luckily, I got the benefit of learning how this strong, amazing woman transitioned from vibrant life to death. Even so, she was 48. It just wasn’t fair at all.

It took me 2 years to get pregnant. I desperately wanted a child and knew I could be a good mother. Yet, month after month, I was told “There’s no medical reason why you’re not getting pregnant”. Really? Why? Why can’t I be a Mom? Then, once I finally got pregnant, I ended up on full bed rest for 4 months. I had the privilege of getting up once a week for a shower! That’s my reward?

There are plenty of other tales I could share with you about my life that aren’t sun-shiny…PLENTY OF THEM. Over the years, I’ve had many people (haters) tell me, “You’re so lucky. You lead such a charmed life. Of course everything is perfect with your life, Pollyanna.”

Inside, I was screaming “Are you kidding me!?!?” Instead, I smiled.

Yes, I do lead a charmed life; far from perfect, but charmed. You want to know why?

Because I CHOOSE to be happy. I choose to be a hero, not a victim. I choose to smile, not frown. I choose to tell people that I’m “phenomenal” when they ask, because darn it, I AM.

I’ve written my story from the perspective of a strong, compassionate, vibrant and caring woman’s perspective. I choose to be all those things. I could have written it a different way, but chose not to.

I completely understand there are individuals in the world that believe they don’t have a choice in these matters. I’m here to tell you that you DO.

Every thought you generate can make or break the difference in your happiness.

Every feeling you experience is just that….a feeling. It’s not good, it’s not bad. It’s there to give you information. Feelings ebb, flow and pass through like a visitor.

Every action you take is your choice. It belongs to you. Without your thoughts and feelings, your actions wouldn’t be there.

Having no choice is painful and leaves you feeling trapped. In all the life events I described, I felt as if I had no choice. Based on the circumstances presented to me during that period of time, this may have been partially true. However, it was never the circumstance that defined my choice, it was my thoughts about the circumstances that did.

My (One) HAPPY Life has had moments of darkness, fear, pain, suffering, anger, frustration, anxiety, worry and deception. I get it. I’ve been there. But, to match each of those moments, I’ve chosen to focus on the joy, bliss, pleasure, faith, love, honesty, peace, kindness and goodness in my life.

If you feel you have no choice, I would love to work with you. Your Transformation is right around the corner.

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