Welcome Home, Me.

Two years ago, My One HAPPY Life was born. When I started my business, there were many questions around the “who, what, when, where….”, but never about what I would name my business; I knew HAPPY was going to be part of the name.  Aside from the fact that it’s a great acronym (Holistic Appreciation for the Positive Potential in You), many have described me as a naturally happy person, so it was an easy selection.

In two short years, my entire life has changed dramatically! Today, I exist as my highest and best self, I live my purpose, I help others to heal and encourage them to think differently about their lives. However, arriving at this point in time did not come without pain or challenge; while expanding my business and growing into my highest and best self, I also experienced two very cataclysmic events: the near death experience of my father and the dissolution of my 22 year marriage.

While I didn’t expect either situation to arise in my life, I would not have traded the past 2 years for anything. Each moment, each day, each month was a learning experience, an opportunity to grow and a part of my journey. Because I have traveled this journey, I lead with love, I live from a place of knowing versus fear and for the first time in my life, I am the most authentic ME I have ever been.

Though I am still happy, the better descriptor is authentic. Therefore, I introduce to you:

Welcome to juliecline.me


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