Welcome Home, with Love

Last year after the death of my father, I returned home to Ohio, and made the decision to reclaim my maiden name.

It felt honorable.
It felt right.
It felt like

Since that time, I’ve been working hard to examine my values, further my healing, and deepen my understanding of where I’ve come from
and how I arrived here.

The most beautiful part of growth is the art of becoming, and the past year has taught me that there is nothing greater than becoming a better version of me so that I can better support YOU.

I’m thrilled to welcome you to
my new website

This beautiful site was created in complete alignment with who I am as a human, and most importantly,
who I am as your
Master Coach and Reiki Master.

I am free, I am joyful,
I am continuously evolving;

…and I’m so eager to meet you.

Always More Love to Give...

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