Welcome Home, with Love

Last year after the death of my father, I returned home to Ohio, and made the decision to reclaim my maiden name. It felt honorable. It felt right. It felt like home. Since that time, I’ve been working hard to examine my values, further my healing, and deepen my understanding of where I’ve come from […]

Happy Father’s Day, From the Soul

I find it so ironic that three years ago today, I was in Key West, clinging in hope that my Dad would pull through a severe alcohol detox. When I arrived in June 2015, he was barely able to talk, walk, eat or reason.  Many of you know our story.  As I miraculously relocated him […]

Top 3 Lessons from 2016

I’ve seen many social media posts this week taunting “Really 2016!?” or “I’m DONE with you, 2016”. Many have jumped on the bandwagon and indeed, it was a crazy year for obvious reasons. For me, 2016 was a year of firsts as well as a year of lasts; but in my eyes, 2016 was a […]

Welcome Home, Me.

Arriving at this point in time did not come without pain or challenge; while expanding my business and growing into my highest and best self, I also experienced two very cataclysmic events: the near death experience of my father and the dissolution of my 22 year marriage.

What’s Your Story

Today’s Martha Beck Daily Inspiration arrived this morning and fully resonated with me: “The past doesn’t exist except as a memory, a mental story, and though past events aren’t changeable, your stories about them are. You can act now to transform the way you tell the story of your past, ultimately making it a stalwart […]

Know That Love Will Prevail (An Encore!)

A few weeks ago, I was excitedly preparing for vacation. As I began to clean out my small travel purse, I felt something very soft in the pocket. I reached in further only to pull something out and immediately, a flood of emotion swept over me. In that pocket was a dove’s feather; more specifically, […]

Letting Go of My Pink Balloon

A little over a year ago, I was contemplating a visit with my father in Key West. The Holiday season was nearing and I knew my father’s health was beginning to fail. His friends had called me worried about him, saying that he was not “himself” lately. I knew I needed to see him soon […]

The Gift of (Father) Time

Last weekend, I helped my father move into his new apartment. It was a day we had been anticipating for quite some time and was a milestone marker in his continued improvement since relocating to Ohio unexpectedly last June. As we were unpacking, I came across a familiar figurine, fondly referred to in our family […]

The Miracle of Detachment

I was traveling on business last week to Jersey City, NJ for a full day meeting that started at 8am; then into New York City for a function that evening, back to Jersey City to sleep and back to Ohio by 8:30 the next morning. Traveling in and out of anywhere in 24 hours is […]

Home is Where the Heart Is

I remember many wonderful times over the years my Dad lived in Key West. We always enjoyed our favorite places: Blue Heaven, Southernmost Beach Cafe, Salute, and the White Street Pier just to name a few. However, the best times we spent together were at Dad’s my place when we could enjoy each others company […]

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