Why I Believe in Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn

The first time I saw this picture, I thought “awwww”. To me, it’s a representation of cuteness, happiness, creativity and transformation all wrapped into one. There have been several articles on this creature on the internet along with multiple You Tube videos. This little cutie has made quite a name with the caption “Because sometimes, you need a Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitten!”

Do you think this magical creature exists in “real life”? I absolutely do. Let me tell you why.

From my vantage point, “real” doesn’t mean this creature co-mingles with my other cats and meows to be fed each morning. I mean REAL as in – the Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitten is positively ALIVE. In fact, alive in each one of us!

“WHAT?” you ask. “I have nothing that resembles a rainbow butterfly unicorn kitten inside me”.

Oh, beautiful ones, you couldn’t be further from the truth!

Your insides may not look like this, but each of us has the ability to deeply manifest pieces of this beauty within us. Though the ability is there, several questions come to mind: Are you willing? Are you able to be transparent? Authentic? Open? Are you ready to receive?

Let’s take a look at this creature, piece by piece:

The Rainbow
The use of rainbows has a long tradition; they are displayed in many cultures around the world as a sign of diversity and inclusiveness, of hope and of yearning. From a Christian perspective, they are a symbol of God’s promise that He will always be with us. From a spiritual perspective, these colors are also representative of our chakras, centers of spiritual power in the human body. The rainbow (or rainbow flag) is also widely known as a representation of freedom in the LBGT community, representing pride for who we are. Check out what the colors of this flag represent: Life (red); Healing (orange); Sunlight (yellow); Nature (green); Harmony or Serenity (blue) and Spirit (purple/violet)

Each of us have this spectrum of love and light within us. One or more colors may may be dominant within us and may evolve (as we do) during our lifetime, depending on our physical, emotional or spiritual state. Nonetheless, this color spectrum exists in all of us. There have been points in my life where some of my colors were definitely muted or even blocked. Once I understood the reasons behind these blocks (poor choices, wearing masks) and began to live in my truth, all my colors became vibrant, saying “YES” in unison! Are you able to see your colors or are they muted? Are they vibrant or blocked?

The Butterfly
After becoming a Certified Life Coach through Martha Beck, I will never look at butterflies the same way again. Martha uses the butterfly to represent the beautiful new creature (or new ego) that emerges at the end of a change cycle. During the change cycle of life, our former ego, the caterpillar experiences a catalytic event, wraps itself up in a cocoon of safety, then begins to holistically dissolve. Through this “melt down” process, the caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly. The DNA has changed completely. The butterfly IS the living transformation.

So, personalize this…have you become the butterfly yet or are you still the caterpillar? Perhaps you’re wrapped up in a cocoon of safety and have been there for years. I’ve been there and trust me, becoming a butterfly (though painful) is freedom beyond belief. The first step is allowing your ego to dissolve.

The Unicorn
The unicorn is one of a very few mythological creatures that is considered to be beneficial in almost all traditions. The unicorn is also a unique creature; universally beautiful, mysterious and difficult to capture or tame. Have you ever felt as if you didn’t quite fit in? Have you ever felt as if you were the only person on the planet like you? Have you felt misunderstood? Perhaps no one “gets” you or the unique qualities that make you “YOU”. If so, you’ve been in the space of the unicorn and in many ways, a representation of longing for the mysterious or (perceived) unattainable side of life.

The Kitten
This is the part where we all say “Awww”. Who doesn’t love the warmth, fuzziness and purr of a kitten? Kittens are adorable and lovable, yet sometimes mischievous. Kittens stumble over their own feet. Moreover, kittens are VULNERABLE, entrusting their mothers or owners to care for them until they are able to care for themselves.

Here comes the irony, folks. Look inside yourself. Do you have kitten like qualities? Do you look to others for compassion because you are emotionally unable to do so? Do you look for others to stroke your ego because you are unable to see your adorable, lovable nature? Are stumbling with each step you take?

The goal isn’t to say having kitten-like qualities is a bad thing; it’s to say we all have kitten like qualities from time to time. It’s OK to allow love from another, so long as we love ourselves. It’s OK to take a compliment, so long as we appreciate the beauty. It’s OK to stumble every now and then, so long as we acknowledge it and get back up.

So, do you believe me yet? There are indeed Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kittens in the world. Lots of them, just like you.

As a Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitten, do you know your worth?
Do you believe it’s OK to be vulnerable?
Do you believe you can actually transform yourself (yes, you have the power to do that)?

Do you realize you are a vehicle through which love, healing, light, harmony, spirit and truth can begin? I believe it. I believe in the Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitten.

I believe in you. Will you walk with me and learn to believe in you also?

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