Welcome Home, Me.

Arriving at this point in time did not come without pain or challenge; while expanding my business and growing into my highest and best self, I also experienced two very cataclysmic events: the near death experience of my father and the dissolution of my 22 year marriage.

What’s Your Story

Today’s Martha Beck Daily Inspiration arrived this morning and fully resonated with me: “The past doesn’t exist except as a memory, a mental story, and though past events aren’t changeable, your stories about them are. You can act now to transform the way you tell the story of your past, ultimately making it a stalwart […]

“The world is as a looking glass…”

As I was getting ready for bed tonight, I looked in the mirror and smiled. The smile was there because I’ve learned to love the reflection of the soul looking back at me. Once upon a time (a few years ago), I looked in the mirror and had nothing but bad things to say directly […]

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