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I felt lost and ungrounded. I thought I knew what I wanted and who I was, but felt empty and untethered. I had the feeling that in order to fully heal, I needed to go deeper and find myself again. I needed guidance on how to do this; that’s where Julie came in. Julie helped me reimagine my life and my identity, helping me ground my vision for myself in the depths of my own heart, rather than in what I believed I should want or should be. This lead to many difficult discussions, challenging realizations and moments of honesty. Julie was always gentle, but also always holding me to the work I was committing to do with her.

Doing this work has been one of the most liberating experiences of my life, and now I feel I am living into my most authentic life. The value of this is that I feel free, centered, clear and whole. I feel strong, grounded and hopeful. I feel alive. I’ve had a rebirth and in helping me tune into who I am at my core, at the soul level, Julie helped me brush away the habits and goals that are not ‘from my soul,’ making room for and allowing for the flow of energy for those things that do come from the soul.

Early on, we had a visioning session, where I shared about a dream of opening my own personal training studio. Today, I won the bid for a space, not just for a studio, but for a gym. I’ll be partnering with a couple fitness industry leaders to actualize this dream, far exceeding what I would have initially believed possible for myself. The process of arriving at this audacious goal has felt effortless because Julie helped me learn that the way of the soul is free flowing.

It is in no way an exaggeration to say that Julie has permanently changed my life. I am becoming the person I was always meant to be. Julie is tender, wise and committed. She is open and available and can undoubtedly equip those she works with the tools needed to live into their most authentic selves. This is the work of a lifetime, and she knows how to help you do it.

Christiana Bailey Green
Personal Trainer, Competitor and co-owner of Barbell 4:13
Julie is a very talented coach and I feel so blessed to have met her! She is kind, compassionate, funny, and her warm and engaging personality immediately puts you at ease during conversation. She is an excellent listener and effortlessly picks up on what you say to draw parallels, offer insight, advice and solutions. She has really helped me and I’m amazed at what we have discovered together. I HIGHLY recommend Julie. She has the experience, skills and knowledge to help everyone move in a more positive direction. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her…you’ll be glad you did!

Lindsey G.

Columbus, Ohio

You have helped me in so many ways through Reiki and coaching. I am the type of person that will hold in my emotions and feelings until I break down into sadness and despair. Your Reiki sessions have helped release a lot of my emotional and negative energy that I try to push down and not show to the world.

Being able to release those emotional and talk through ways I can deal with all the demands in my life have strengthen my relationship with my husband and family.

Your coaching also helped me to understand that I am not perfect and that I am a good person. It has also helped me to deal with other negative people in my life so their attitudes and emotions don’t effect me in a negative manner. I am on my second Rieki package and feel that this has been the best therapy for my mental and emotional health.

Thank you so much Julie!! You are a blessing to me.

Margaret M.

Julie is brilliant, empathic, wise and a tremendous listener. She is such a genuine person and has a huge heart. I always feel better after her coaching and I love having her on my team. She has been a giant blessing to me in a relatively short amount of time. I can not recommend her more highly.

Erin Sharaf

You have a gift, Julie! Your energy is so calming and inspiring. I had no clue what I wanted. I just wanted direction and in my mind, I wanted someone to decide for me what I needed. What I never expected was what I have now: loving myself, being confident, asking for what I want, making decisions on my own, sticking up for myself…all while remembering your words in our sessions.

Victoria Y.

Reiki with Julie is such a beautiful and relaxing experience. Each time I am filled with love and positive energy and I feel completely balanced and renewed. Julie has a way of intuitively knowing what I need without me having to verbalize it and I am so grateful for her gift of healing through Reiki.


Columbus, Ohio

Julie is a guiding force of light and love. She has an uplifting and healing spirit which helps people transform. Make the opportunity to work with her for sure.

Lauren O.

Julie is gentle in her inquiry, and intuitive in her approach. She pays careful attention to the details whilst simultaneously keeping an eye on the big picture…and makes it seem effortless. Her kind and unassuming curiosity helped me make connections in my thought processes that I was missing on my own. Warm and sincere, Julie is exactly the type of coach you’ll want on your side!

Fin A.


I have had the great fortune to have know Julie for several years now and have counted on her to give me valuable advice in both my work and my personal life. She is always there to listen and to provide support when needed in an honest and caring manner and makes you feel as though your problems are her problems. I came to her with concerns about changes at work (new boss, new work location and peers, etc.) and she gave great advice to help me through it. I have no doubt I will continue to turn to Julie again in the future to help me through life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Brad S

Chicago, IL

I needed someone very special to help me find my path, and steer me toward what I longed for. I wanted a coach with a vast amount of real world experience, someone with a clear and distinct vision and the wherewithal to get me turned around and pointed in the right direction with a high degree of professionalism and a confident, graceful demeanor. But, there was more.

I also wanted a gentle soul, a compassionate ear and someone with the heart of a brave Lioness who knew how to take the lay of the land and jump obstacles like a gazelle. It seemed impossibly ambitious to want so much, until I met Julie.

What I know is Julie Cline is a gifted coach, healer and mentor. Working with Julie has just about changed everything for me. I feel truly blessed and I cannot recommend Julie more highly.


Julie TRULY has a gift. We knew her from church and had always looked forward to seeing her smiling face. When we found out she was offering her services as a Life Coach we knew we HAD to meet with her. We had just become a new couple and carried a lot of baggage from our previous relationships. Julie helped us overcome our hurts and our fears as we grew together. She helped us see things from a much different perspective and offers suggestions while remaining gentle and therapeutic. She has instilled hope and inspiration in each of us individually while also helping us communicate in a much healthier way.

Julie emanates God’s love and light and we could not be more grateful for her!!! We LOVE you Julie!!!

With Sincere Gratitude,

Patty S. and Kim B.

Columbus, Ohio

Julie is just amazing.

I met Julie while competing in body building shows. We immediately connected over a Buddha we each. Her energy radiates and I wanted to be surrounded by it. I knew I wanted Julie to be the person that help me find my greater purpose.

Julie showed up every week with wonderful exercises that she would guide me through and help me process. She help me discover my limited beliefs, and asked questions that made me think and ask myself why I thought this way.

This process is tough. Being honest with yourself is hard but sharing that truth with someone can be uncomfortable . Julie is the only person I would want to be there helping me. She made me feel safe and comfortable.

If you are ready to put in the work, have some fun and discover more about yourself and reach greater sense of self ; Julie is the person you want helping and supporting you.

She is simply wonderful.


Julie is a very gifted angelic soul with a little bit of magic in her life coaching sessions I have had with her. She won’t tell you this, but it’s true. She has a way of seeing the bigger picture– and I mean bigger, like, infinite. When you have an intuitive, humble, and magical life coach, you get more for your money. I have only known Julie for a short time and quite by divine intervention. I followed her on Facebook through another spiritual teacher and then finally met her in the gym we both work out at. I felt an immediate, loving connection. I can also attest to her humanness, her own frustrations, and her ability to relate to all the deep emotions I was experiencing and had me stuck. I can’t put into words how I feel after talking with her. It’s like medicine for the spirit. I have been able to really connect to the old buried pain that lay beneath the surface, faced it and let it go. I was ready to do this work and my teacher appeared. Through some regression work , reiki, open discussion and light homework I am finally freeing myself of unwanted feelings that left me isolated and alone.

Jamie B

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